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Join one of The Industry's highest paying Affiliate Program ever.

Refer visitor to Gotomyhost and earn min more 2% for each qualified sale and it couldn't be more simple.

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Affiliate Program Commission Chart

Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

(Above 15000$ Partner Program)
(Sales - 0$ to 2000$)
(Sales - 2000$ to 5000$)
(Sales - 5000$ to 15000$)
Starter Hosting Pro Hosting Extra 2% 10% 18% 25%
Elastic Hosting Hot 10% 20% 30%
Business Hosting Enhanced Hosting Extra 3% 10% 18% 25%
VPS Hosting 10% 18% 25%
Windows Vps Hosting Hot 12% 20% 30%
Dedicated Hosting 10% 18% 25%
Cloud Hosting 10% 18% 25%

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Affiliate Program FAQs

The Gotomyhost Affiliate Program is a marketing program where we pay commissions to our affiliates to drive new customers/referrals/and also renewals from existing customers.

All packges are considered but only for more than 1 year payments.Monthly hosting purchases are not included in the commision model.

No,There is no limit,the more number of sales done,the more is the payout commisions.

You can promote Gotomyhost on your website, blog, social media, forums, email marketing, etc.

No, the signup is absolutely free.

You can sign up for the Affiliate program from the link footer.

You don't need to be highly technical to know how to become affiliate,Just Signup through affiliate program,Get your promo code,Apply to your potential customer during the purchase and do the payment.That's it,once the payment is completed,you can see the earings on the dashboard.

Based on the number of sucessful payments for 1 year and more, for new users,referrals and also renewals,you can earn more than Rs.5,00,000/- per month.

you can montior all your payments and details from the Affiliate Dashboard.

You get paid through amazon gift cards intially,later we will transfer through Bank/Wire Transfer or PayPal.

The commisions will be calculated and paid Weekly,only after 7 days from the date of hosting purchase or once you reach min $5 ,Anytime you can request for money through Request Withdrawal Option in the Dashboard.

You can reach us at affiliates@gotomyhost.com

You can read Terms & Conditions from the link footer

We will update all the new products,offers and much more .

As per our guidelines, you are not permitted to bid on Gotomyhost brand keywords such as Gotomyhost, Gotomyhost India, Gotomyhost Hosting, etc.

For assistance kindly send an email to affiliates@gotomyhost.com

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